Abeille (a.bɛj)

f (plural abeilles): bee, honeybee

Chocolat Abeille ~ “Chocolate Honey Bee”

A honey bee colony thrives because of the strengths of each of its individuals. They work together with a common goal…supporting one another and never giving up.

Our colony continues to grow…and to thrive. 
We collaborate, we design, we laugh…. 
​We bring a sense of joy to the chocolates we create, and hopefully to the lives of those who experience them with us.


Our History

Chocolat Abeille was founded by Tina Tweedy in December 2017 in Omaha’s Old Market district. 

She loved the historic location, sense of community, and the wonderful support received from visitors both local and from around the world. 

After three and a half wonderful years, the shop blossomed and outgrew the space! Tina decided to move the business to her hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska.  

Tina sitting outside the old Omaha location sipping tea.

Bumblebee in the garden at Chocolat Abeille in Bellevue, Nebraska

Chocolat Abeille re-opened in July 2021 with a new attached patio garden devoted to pollinators and her beloved bees nestled in the treeline. 

Tina retired in November 2022, entrusting the shop to her three senior employees. 

We are honored to carry on Tina’s legacy,
staying true to her spirit of whimsy and joy while also pushing the shop to grow in new and exciting ways!

We are so grateful for the continued support of our community on this sweet adventure!

“I invite you to find joy in life’s small moments…. whether that is enjoying a piece of chocolate, ​holding someone’s hand, or the quiet stillness of the morning… breathe it in…and give in to Joy.

Tina Tweedy
~Founder, Chocolat Abeille
headshot of tina tweedy, founder of Chocolat Abeille in Bellevue, Nebraska
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